Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I made it

There are quite a few items I have made that have never ended up on the blog for one reason or another...mostly because I am too busy using them to photograph them or so I tell myself. A few months ago maybe two I made a dress for Adeline using a cute curdory cat print I bought on clearance in the fall.  
I used the Romeo and Mae Pinafore Pattern but just cut the back piece twice rather than the back and front pieces separate. I like how it turned out, and she wears it a lot, but it sure is hard to get pictures of.  She just moves so much and no, she's not crawling...just reaching! 

Thanks to Kim at for hosting the "I made it blog party" and giving me an excuse to get these pictures up!


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  1. Thanks for joining us! You are talented! I can sew VERY simple things! :)

    You've got such a cutie!



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