Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cloth Napkins

There are a few things that don't get old for me when it comes to sewing.  Cloth Napkins happens to be one of those.  It is simple and repetitive, but soothing in that.  I also love that they really just let the fabric speak for itself, and they truly are "functional".  Napkins make a great gift for a hostess, teacher, a friend, or yourself I think we are up to six sets now, but we use them all the time.  

Last weekend I made six sets (!) of napkins including one that was a custom order, some smaller "lunch-sized" napkins, and then the regular 15-inch napkins.  They are all in the shop now.  

My friend, Beth, came over last night and worked on her very first project (napkins!)  Of course I forgot to get pictures, but she is coming back to finish and I'll try then. (be forewarned, Beth :)  

This weekend I am working on a baby blanket using some of Heather Bailey's latest fabric I love her fabrics! and some minky sooo soft.  I'm also making an apron for a friend and another for the shop.  

I'm thankful for a day off tomorrow!  Happy Memorial Day, Friends!


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  1. We made cloth napkins with our sewing class last week...I have decided they are really fun to make too! :)


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