Friday, May 7, 2010

Fabric Shops

Ok Friends.  I need your help!  After some encouragement from friends I am seriously considering sewing my dress for the wedding.  This is a big deal.  I "do not" sew clothes for myself.  However, I think I should, and I think I would like it.  {image source}

What does that have to do with you?  I need some suggestions on where to buy fabrics for making a dress (online please...unless you know of some great well-kept secret like "Baers never really went out of business; they are just hiding." ugh.) What types of apparel fabric do you like?  

I looked last night and after scanning about 1200 "swatches" of fabric I came up with one print I love, but it is jersey, one I really like, but it is polyester, and a third that I also really like that is thankfully shirting fabric.  I am going to use one of the patterns in my last post, so it needs to have some structure to it (hence the reason I don't want to use jersey).

Finally, what the  heck is "lawn" fabric??  I know all the basics like cotton weight quilting fabric, fleece, minkee, and all those crafting fabrics, but apparel fabric appears to be a whole other beast.

Thanks in advance for all the help! I am off to work on one of the many "later" piles in my sewing room!

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