Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why I'm {finally} on Twitter

I came across an article yesterday on the Handmade Marketer called Why I'm Not Following You on Twitter.  That's a good one! I can think of  reasons I don't follow anyone on Twitter, chief among them that I just don't need another distraction.  I still don't.

After reading the article, I think something finally "clicked" that this doesn't have to be another distraction but could actually be useful!  So, I signed up and now have my very own account @MsKellyIrene!  

Do you have a Twitter account?  
I feel weird asking you to follow me, but isn't that the whole reason I signed up?? Like the article says, I won't just spam you with what I had for dinner or when I am finally going to bed. So here goes.  
pretty please :)

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