Friday, May 14, 2010

Lookie what I won!

When I checked my email a few days ago, I received one that said, "You won!"  Who, me?  You mean I actually won one of the many giveaways I have entered?  "Yes, someone has to win, right?  It was you!"

I didn't just win one something, I won 7 somethings!  7 cross stitch patterns to be exact.  Etsy seller, Grace, of andwabisabi generously offered the winner's choice of 7 cross stitch patterns on the Voleur de Bijoux blog. Grace not only sent me the 7 patterns but also a pdf of how to actually do cross's a good thing because I did not know how!

It's funny because I've bee thinking recently that I needed a "living room" know, one that I can do in the living room when I feel that relentless drive to create something but can't get away to the sewing room for whatever reason.  Thank you so much to Grace for offering these patterns and giving me a "living room project".  I can't wait to get the materials and get going!

It was a little difficult to choose my patterns because there are just so many good ones!  The patterns are really well priced ($2.50-$5.00 for a pattern, more for kits and finished pieces).  The pdfs I recieved are also really high quality. If you are interested in getting your own pattern, kit or finished work, head over to the andwabisabi shop to check them out!

Happy (almost) weekend everyone!

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