Monday, May 10, 2010

"Purging: I had to start somewhere" or "Just Say No."

I have recently decided that there is such a thing as too much inspiration.  If you saw my Google Reader, my mental To-Do list, and the piles of fabric in my sewing room we are talking about serious piles, you would whole-heartedly agree. 

I recently purged about 1/3 of the subscriptions on my Reader. That's pretty good, don't you think?!  The one that hurt the worst was my "Sewing" feed.  I received a daily dose of sewing tutorial roundups from around the web.  There are so many great ideas for new projects that are just dying to get on that mental To-Do list let's just call it my mTDl., but that mTDl was causing me to lose my sanity.  

So I cut the poison at it's source.  Of course the page is still bookmarked, but I actually have to go look for it if I want project ideas.  But I don't.

I do not want any more project ideas.  Right now I have more projects than I will be able to finish in a year.  At the top of my mTDl that is so much easier, right? are Adeline's quilt, my dress for the wedding, and more clothes for Adeline.  At some point I should also include cleaning my sewing room and listing the items I have already made in my shop yes, I said I was going to do that in April, and clearly it did not happen.  I can't sell what I don't have listed though! 

Along with my sewing feed, I got rid of some "bargain" subscriptions because I rarely needed what they were telling me about and I facebook-like them, so I can still get the info if I want to, some subscriptions of folks who haven't updated in who knows how long, and a food blog that did nothing but make me droolReally, I don't need that sort of thing happening too often.  

Now that I am feeling so inspired toward productivity and purging I need to keep my eyes out for some form of storage for my serious piles of fabric.  Perhaps I will make some fabric buckets and hit two birds with one stone! did you notice I didn't say "kill"?  I really don't feel like killing anything.  Is there about way to say that?

THIS is the crafty inspiration I need.

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