Thursday, May 20, 2010

The night my machine almost went to the ER

Tonight I had big plans that included only about 30 minutes worth of sewing.  The rest was going to revolve around diminishing the pile of dirty dishes in the sink, washing some laundry, and some time of prayer and reading.

Unfortunately, as soon as I hit the foot pedal on my sewing machine, I knew she was not well.  She moaned under the pressure of stuck threads or gathered dust, and I immediately went to work.  This happens frequently enough, and I know the drill.  Only this time around it wasn't just a little bit of dust stuck in the bobbin spool.

Nope this time the fix involved my very best make-up brush, a screw driver, and taking apart my machine.  Surgery, people.  I now know what the very innards of my machine look like.  It's something like this

 and this

I am slightly traumatized but thankful that I eventually "fixed" the problem.  Whatever was stuck is no longer stuck. My machine can stitch forwards, backwards, sideways, and in circles.  I am not particularly sure what exactly fixed the problem because at one point I was putting the machine back together with no solution, settled on the fact that she would be in the hospital tomorrow, and the next I was trying to rescue an errantly-placed screw and suddenly everything had loosened up.

I still have one misplaced screw that I cannot retrieve, and two screws I have no idea what to do with, but my machine is running as if nothing every happened.

I decided that after such an impromptu surgery, a little R&R was in store of both of us!  I "straightened" up the sewing table, ironed a few bits in preparation for continuing to work on Adeline's quilt, and returned downstairs much later than I originally anticipated but feeling grateful and there is not a trip to the sewing machine hospital in my immediate future.

And in case you were wondering, the dishes are still in the sink, the laundry is still in the hamper, and I am going to do my reading in bed.  Tomorrow is a new day.


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