Monday, February 6, 2012

A little post card from Arizona

Hello from super-sunny Arizona!  No really. We have had one "cloudy" day since we moved here. It is a-maz-ing.

After packing our entire house in less than two weeks, saying Goodbye to way-too-many friends, giving away quite a bit of my sewing stuff because it just wouldn't fit, driving 2,000 miles, moving into a beautiful new home, and getting settled in to a wonderful new city with an amazing new church family, I am finally breathing long enough to stop and say, "HI! I am still here."

The last two months have overflowed with transition and change, but I have a found a few minutes here and there to do some sewing (and a lot more think about it)!

Jolene's Granny Square quilt had me from the first glance, and I now have all my squares cut out and am slowing getting them sewn together.  This one lends itself perfectly to my schedule because even if I just have 15 minutes, I can get a few rows sewn together.  {I'm lucky if I get 15 though!}

I won some Echo fabric from Fresh Squeezed Fabric, and this is even more beautiful in person than all the photos I have seen.  I'm still trying to convince my hubby that we need to recover our {new} dining room chairs in this print :) I did sew up some placemat tops with this fabric, but because I got rid of quite a bit of my supplies when I moved, I'm still trying to bring myself to go buy some more batting so I can finish these up.  Until then, our table will just stay dirty. {mostly kidding!}

Most of what I have been doing though is laying out stacks of fabric for the projects I think I am going to do, only to distracted by one cute baby and a beautiful toddler. My biggest transition in this move has been staying home with them, and I love it. It is challenging, but I have been able to get to know my girls more than I ever did when I was working.  Sometimes it is a little mundane (like when I'm making peanut butter and honey sandwiches for the umpteenth day in a row), but I love honey, and it brings joy to my red head, so it's all worth it!