Thursday, May 27, 2010

Outtakes from our photoshoot...the ones you will not see on Etsy!

Yesterday I took Adeline outside while I was getting some pictures of new items for my shop.  For a long time she occupied herself with collecting grass.

She soon found a hanger that had been attached to one of the dresses I was photographing.  

What a happy girl!

Then I had the brilliant idea to let her model one of the dresses.  The only problem was that it was slightly too small.  OH YES, I had to take the hanger to get a "good" shot.  Not a good idea. Not a happy girl! She stayed up too late the night before.

So I gave her the hanger back.  The dress was still too small (it's a size 6 months; she is 9 months old).  Glad to have the hanger back but really kind of peeved at me. yes, I know there is no subject in the previous sentence. I'm OK with that and do it often.

I love this girl!



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