Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shopping for fabric can be sooo time consuming, and yet once the newness of the whole world of "designer" fabrics wears off, it can seem that the same 10 fabrics show up every where.  Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying I don't like those fabrics.  There are times though that I want something a little bit different.  

There are plenty of options for fabric shopping, and one that I recent re-discovered is spoonflower.  Have you all heard of this shop before?  I remember running across it last year, filing it away "somewhere" in my brain, and then of course forgetting all about it.  I am still looking for the perfect fabric to make pillows for Adeline's room and our living room, and my attention has not been turned to spoonflower.

Individuals can design and print their own fabrics as well as offer those fabrics for sale to others!  That means that if you are in the market to buy some "different" prints than what you'll see in 50 other Etsy shops, you can shop here.  There are some seriously talented designers on this site...see a few below.

Along with the option to choose from different designers, you can also choose your own type of fabric to go with the design you like (quilting cotton, organic cotton, cotton knit, bamboo-cotton rayon, and upholstery weight cotton twill, linen-cotton canvas, and cotton lawn).  You can choose your own cut size for each fabric, and there is no minimum order!  Prices vary from $18-32 per yard, so for most people this would be great for smaller projects or those wanting to find a niche market of selling items made with these fabrics.  

I still haven't settled on any for our house yet, but I am also considering designing my own.  Wouldn't that be fun to have pillows in your house that you not only sewed together, but that made with your very own fabric designs?!  The wheels are spinning; I'll let you know if they take me anywhere :)

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