About Me

In my May of 2008, I borrowed  a sewing machine from a friend, went to the fabric store and purchased 2 yards of fabric, some thread, and a few other basic supplies, and went home.  That weekend I made some table linens and was hooked.  From that point on, the longest I have gone without sitting down at my machine was two months during the first trimester of being pregnant. 

My goal has always been to combine function and beauty in everything I create.  Some projects are items I need for my home and others come from custom orders–folks looking for very specific clothing, kitchen linens, bedding, or pillow covers.

I could (and have) spent hours looking through various fabrics, trying to find the combination of quality, color, and style that is “just right” for whichever project is next in line.  I love to work with other to find fabric combinations for their projects as well.

Although I love every moment of sewing (except when I mess up and have to get out the seam ripper!), this is not my job.  In real life I work for a cancer research company.  Sewing is my creative and productive outlet in the after hours.

I am married, and my husband is pursuing his masters degree.  We had our first child in August 2009, and we welcomed another baby girl in July 2011.  We keep busy spending time with friends, talking to our family members that live far away, playing games, and just spending time together.  Some of our favorite games are Scrabble, 8-1/2, and Apples to Apples.   Our real passion is helping people know God more and find fulfillment in that relationship.

This blog is intended to give me a place to post my many projects in one central location, and give you place to see what I am up to.  Please feel free to contact me any time!  irenedesign{at}ymail{dot}com