Thursday, December 30, 2010

Measurements for Window Frame Quilt Block

The block I made for Mer's quilt was fairly simple once I worked out the measurements.  I really like the "semi-framed" fussy cut dogs and thought it would be fun to see more blocks like this.  I don't want to make a bunch more though, so I'm sharing the measurements with you hoping you'll show me what you've made with them!

All measurements are given in inches in the width x height format. 
Seam allowance is a strict 1/4"
Finished size of the block is 12.5" x 12.5"

A 5.5" x 5.5" {cut 1}
B 5.5" x 1.5" {cut 2}
C 5.5" x 3" {cut 2}
D 1.5" x 12.5" {cut 2}
E 3" x 3" {cut 4}
F 3" x 5.5" {cut 2}
G 3" x 1.5" {cut 4}

I hope this helps some of you.  If you use this, please let me know so I can see how you interpreted the design.  

This is meant for personal use or for use by independent quilt sellers, but I ask that you give credit back to me for the block design. 

If you have any questions, be sure to leave your email address with your comment or email me at irenedesign[at]ymail[dot]com so I can respond.

Happy Sewing!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quilting Bee Blocks

The Modern Stash Quilting Bee does not officially begin until January, but since I am a host this month I had to get my block finished prior to the beginning of the month.  I have decided I want to do a Bento Box quilt for our living room (surprise, Hubby!).  I really like the concept of everyone's blocks being mixed together in this way. I'm totally taking the idea to use white in every box as well to tie it all together.

One of the keys to this bee is that we are supposed to use fabrics we have on hand rather than buying new ones or having others send us the fabrics.  I've really enjoyed that part of it and am planning to make at least one more box to use on the back of the quilt using these beauties.

Can you see a color theme at all yet? I hope so. I'm trying to go for a mix of 60/40 warm/cool colors. We have mainly warm and neutrals in our living room, but I really think it needs a pop of cool in there.

Before you get too impressed with me having all this together before January 1, I do need to say that our other January host, Mer, was way ahead of me. She's doing a yellow and gray frame improv quilt (see here).  After reading her post I laid awake for several hours wondering what the heck I was going to do and whether I even had any yellow in my stash.  I really should have spared myself and just gone to look, but instead I stayed up way too late thinking about it.  It turns out  I do have several shades of yellow, including a Heather Ross print that I cut into for those outside corners.  All that laying awake worrying about it payed off though because I dreamed about the design for this block and ended up loving it when all was said and done. See?!

In other news, Beth got a sewing machine (same as mine!) and I am looking forward to sewing together. I also have some Parisville on the way (finally!!) and I gave Della her quilt for Christmas--which she loved! She likes to roll around on it as if to say "Mine!". It's pretty cute.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I am still here!

I'm alive!  We've all been sick or fighting off the germs so as not to get sick the last week or so.

The last four and a half years of our lives are culminating with my hubby's graduation this Friday (he will have a Masters of Divinity) and we have lots of family coming in town for the big event.  It would be a gross understatement to simply say I am excited.  It is so nice already to just be able to do normal things like go to the store together or watch TV without feeling like he should be reading or writing a paper.  It is not only exciting, it is also a relief and a huge sense of accomplishment.  We have spent our entire married life in seminary, so it's going to be quite a (wonderful) adjustment to not have that be in the picture.

The Modern Stash Quilting Bee is officially full, and I cannot tell you how excited I am about all of the talent that is represented in this group of 12 ladies.  It's going to be a fun six months!!  I'm thinking that I will do a Bento Box Quilt when it's my turn to host.

This is the first in four and a half years of marriage that I am doing Christmas cards.  We enjoyed taking the pictures, but it was really difficult to choose which one to use.  This is the one I wish I had used but didn't, so you all get to see it here.  Also if you need cards of any type, Good Frau on Etsy is where we got ours. The service and quality are both really good!

So with all of that going on (especially the family in town and graduation events), you may not hear from me until next week.  I hope you all have a fabulous week!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Sew and Tell: Christmas Napkins

Remember on Monday when I showed you everything I finished last week? Well, I'm hoping this week is at least as productive. My goal is to have everything finished by Sunday so I can just enjoy a week with family and then sewing whatever the heck I want to over Christmas. 

Now that my sewing room is so clean, it's much easier to get things done. I love just grabbing what I need from a bin or a drawer and not having to side step 5 other things or dig through a giant mess of scraps for that one little piece I know is in there somewhere!

Last night I finished a set of 8 Christmas napkins for Brandon's granny. We are celebrating early with them, so I thought she would like to have some new napkins to go with her new Christmas plates this year. I used a poinsettia print from Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas line, and I really love all the colors here. I wish I had bought some extra fabric to make some for us!

This weekend I want to finish my gift for the Peaceful Traditions gift exchange and a bag for my mom.  Then it's time for some serious quilting! I have two in mind alread--one using a Bliss Charm pack and another using the Far Far Away II FQs I bought a month or so ago.  Also, I need to decide which square I want to request for the Modern Stash Quilting Bee since I'll probably be one of the January hosts. (There are still a few spots left if you want to join!)

You all know that I've been linking to Amy's Sew & Tell for a few weeks now. There are some really talented sewists who link there as well.  If you have a few minutes, check out some of the other links from this week and prepare to be impressed!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Have you joined a quilting bee?

I know most of you are totally bogged down with holiday crafting right now, and I just want to let you know that you have not been forgotten. One of these days you'll come out from under that mess!

And when you do, I wonder if you'll want to do something fun, like join a quilting bee for example...?  I have seen more inspiration in the last week than one girl can handle, and I need to do something with that. Unfortunately, I don't have time for all 100 quilts on my inspiration board. I could, however, make a block or two each month to send to someone else who gets to do all the quilting, etc.

What about you? Doesn't that sound like fun?! (You know it does.) I have been looking into joining a bee, but they fill up so quickly or the ones that are open are pretty lame not my style, so I'm taking things into my own hands (and hopefully yours).

Since I have never done this before, I need a few suggestions as well as some bee members.  If you are interested, be sure you leave your email address here or send me an email separately so I can contact you.
  • This will be a 6 or 12 month bee with 12 members.  
    • If it is 6 months long, two members will host each month so every member will make 2 blocks per month.
  • It's a STASH BEE which means that you don't mail fabric to each member; they are going to use what they already have (or what the decide to buy). 
  • Each member will have enough blocks to finish one quilt top by the end of the year. 
  • The bee will start in January 2011.
  • The bee is open to international members.
  • The bee will focus on modern blocks, but the design will ultimately be up to the member whose month it is to host.
  • The hosting member will be responsible for providing links to appropriate tutorials for blocks or special skills.  Only free tutorials will be used since buying books or patterns each month will get expensive (albeit fun).
  • Skill level should not exceed intermediate. Host should be as specific as possible in communications regarding color preferences, seam allowances, pressing preference, etc.
  • Improv blocks are acceptable.
  • Fabric needs to be good quality quilting-weight cotton. This is not an excuse to use the cheap stuff you wish you never bought.
  • If a member cannot fulfill the commitment for any part of the year, that member should contact me as soon as possible so a replacement member can be found. 
  • The bee needs a name!
  • We will use Flickr to post pictures and communications, so a Flickr account is required (it's free!).
  • This should be totally fun and a great way to be challenged with new blocks and designs as well as make your own truly unique quilt.
What do you all think? Do those guidelines sound acceptable? Did I forget anything? I have never participated in a bee before, so I'm totally open to suggestions on this.  What is the normal time frame for making blocks? 3 weeks? 4 weeks?

For those who are interested, please let me know via email (irenedesign[at]ymail[dot]com) or leave me a comment here and include your email address.  If you have a flickr account, leaving that info will be helpful as well. I will open this to the "public" in a week, but wanted to give my readers first dibs (mainly because I know how freaking creative you are, and I desperately want your blocks!!).