Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Modern Stash Quilting Bee: A Wrap Up

When I started the Modern Stash Quilting Bee, I had several personal objectives in mind: learn new quilting techniques, make several quilt blocks without having to repeat the same block over and over again, use up the fabrics I had on hand, and of course be a part of a small "community" of sorts of other quilters.  I can say I was not disappointed in the objectives and outcomes.  I feel like the common words "fun" and "challenging" really are great ways to describe this experience although it was far from common.

One thing I loved is that each person picked something totally unique to them.  Whether it was the color combination, block design, or general desire to have bee members interpret a theme, each block was in its own way a small project that required a good amount of attention and forethought.

Now that the bee is over, it's fun to look back at the blocks I made and re-read my experiences making them.

1. Bento Box Block for me
2. Window Frame Block for Mer
3. Pinwheel Sampler for Theresa
4. Liberated Church Dash Block for Toni
5. Patchwork Square in Square for Casey
6. Mod Mosaic Block for Pam
7. Wonky Star Block for Lindsey
8. Improv Flowers Block for Hil
9. Improv Pink and Orange Block for Johanna
10. Cathedral Windows Block for Sara
11. Hexagon Block for Sandi
12. Prairie Inspired Block for Sharon 

Do you see now why I loved this bee so much?  I wish I could sign on for Round Two this month, but that is going to have to wait until things calm down--who knows when that will be considering it isn't even "crazy" yet! 

Several members have posted pictures of all of their blocks together.  I love this part when you get to see your little project as part of something much bigger than just you.  You can see some of these photos as well as the blocks other members have made on the group's Flickr page.


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