Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April quilt block for Hilary

When Hilary posted her description of the April quilt blocks she wanted, I knew it was going to be a favorite.  Her theme was flowers, and she gave us free license to interpret that however we wanted--the only limits were that we use the solid fabric she provided for the background and that we not include anything "extra" that would determine the orientation of the block (like baskets, sky, etc.).  I browsed through her inspiration gallery and really loved the looks of this block and this pillow.   I went with a slightly more simple version of the first block and I finished on April 30--just in time to not be late!

If you're wondering about the quilt or diaper bag, I did buy the fabrics (Joel Dewberry Tossed Flowers in Carmel plus two others) but it looks now like it's not going to happen for a while.  The quilting is going to take for-ev-er because my little machine just can't handle it.  I am actually incredibly frustrated with it because the tension keep re-adjusting itself so one line will look great and the next looks horrible.  I am not really sure what to do.  I've stitched close to 1/3 of the the quilt and am wondering if it wouldn't be better to just rip all the stitches out (gently, of course) and send it to a professional.  This is more maddening than discouraging.  I hate ripping stitches/seams because it just feels like the hours I spent on those were totally wasted, and I don't want to have a bunch of holes all over the quilt when it's finished. At the same time I really don't want to gift a quilt that falls apart after the second washing.  Any advice or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. 

**Update: I decided I'm sending this off to be quilted by a pro.  Chris at the CottonPig is offering a great promo this month!**

I'm linking up with Fabric Tuesday today! If you have some extra time, it's really fun to check out some of the other projects being worked on!

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  1. Looks great! Are you doing straight lines, or free motion? If straight lines, do you have a walking foot? It makes a world of difference. If free-motion, I share your frustration. All I can say is to keep a scrap quilt sandwich nearby to readjust the tension when it goes bad. And keep practicing! I finally upgraded my old manual machine, and haven't had any tension problems ever since. But I AM now struggling with skipped stitches more than the old machine. FMQ-ing is not for the faint of heart! Good luck!

  2. I love your flower square! It's adorable!! I would get your machine looked at... Maybe it needs "tuned"?

  3. You are so creative, I love those little flowers.


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