Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quilting Bee Blocks

The Modern Stash Quilting Bee does not officially begin until January, but since I am a host this month I had to get my block finished prior to the beginning of the month.  I have decided I want to do a Bento Box quilt for our living room (surprise, Hubby!).  I really like the concept of everyone's blocks being mixed together in this way. I'm totally taking the idea to use white in every box as well to tie it all together.

One of the keys to this bee is that we are supposed to use fabrics we have on hand rather than buying new ones or having others send us the fabrics.  I've really enjoyed that part of it and am planning to make at least one more box to use on the back of the quilt using these beauties.

Can you see a color theme at all yet? I hope so. I'm trying to go for a mix of 60/40 warm/cool colors. We have mainly warm and neutrals in our living room, but I really think it needs a pop of cool in there.

Before you get too impressed with me having all this together before January 1, I do need to say that our other January host, Mer, was way ahead of me. She's doing a yellow and gray frame improv quilt (see here).  After reading her post I laid awake for several hours wondering what the heck I was going to do and whether I even had any yellow in my stash.  I really should have spared myself and just gone to look, but instead I stayed up way too late thinking about it.  It turns out  I do have several shades of yellow, including a Heather Ross print that I cut into for those outside corners.  All that laying awake worrying about it payed off though because I dreamed about the design for this block and ended up loving it when all was said and done. See?!

In other news, Beth got a sewing machine (same as mine!) and I am looking forward to sewing together. I also have some Parisville on the way (finally!!) and I gave Della her quilt for Christmas--which she loved! She likes to roll around on it as if to say "Mine!". It's pretty cute.



  1. I can't wait to see what comes out of this quilting bee! What you've done looks great!

  2. I love both your blocks. I'm looking forward to the bento box - never done one of those before! (terrikuns)

  3. Awesome! I really love how both of your blocks came out, and I can't wait to do the bento box block!

  4. I adore this block! I need to kick my boyfriend off the sewing machine so I can make yours.


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