Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Long Arm Love

{I'm sparing you the two sappy paragraphs I just wrote about how much I love quilting and how my machine won't do more than the actual piecing and blah blah blah ... on to the good stuff!}

I finished the quilting on our Kitchen Windows quilt!  This was my last one in a stack of three that I wanted to finish pre-baby.  Here she is on the Long Arm!

I used a free motion stitch for all three quilts.  For me this was so much easier than trying to use a template on the machine.  Plus I really like the freedom of being able to make cute designs

like hearts

and flowers

and even my name

I know when I wash this one the designs won't look quite the same, but I'm hopeful they'll still be intelligible!

I now have a stack of three quilts waiting to be bound.  I really wanted to get to this point so I could just enjoy the restful part of hand binding the quilts.  I like the idea of trying machine binding, but given my machine's recent history, I'll pass! 



  1. hooray for a finish- or three! Those long arms are something magical, aren't they? Have fun hand binding, hopefully you've got a few movies picked out to watch with the hubby :)

  2. Congrats on the third finish. You are getting very good with the long arm. :)

  3. I know I keep saying it -- but really. I love that quilt. And the designs are so cute!

  4. totally in love with your first self designed quilt. it is beautiful and what a stunning design!


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