Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dear Etsy, It's {sort of} over.

Dear Etsy Shop,

I was supposed to be introducing a new line of really cute baby dresses and tops this week. I have already sewn the samples, sent them to my cutie pie models, bought the extra fabric, and everything else that goes into announcing a new line.

Instead, I'm announcing a split. You and me. We need a break. You've been good to me, but this phase is over and my family needs more of me. I want to give more to my family.

I've already been moving in this direction. I'm sure you have seen it in the sales, selling off some of my stash, taking on less commitments, focusing more on the local stores and orders for my friends...yes, those were all signs. Now I finally have the courage to take this final step.

I already feel the relief. I don't have to photograph every. single. item. ten times to get it just right. I don't have to come up with a catchy two-liner to sell it. I don't have to justify that fabric I bought for Della's other quilt by thinking of what else I can sell. I don't have to be the cool girl on Twitter in hopes of getting my shop featured. I can finally cancel all those subscriptions in my Reader that tell me the three tricks to having a better online business or five ways to build my following or ... you get the point. I can enjoy my blog without wondering if someone will click that shop link.

Without you, I can just enjoy the sewing. I can enjoy the gifting, the consignment sales, and the custom orders, minus all the pressure to make it better and brighter than what is already is -- and it's already pretty darned good if you ask me.

Of course this isn't without difficulty. You got me going and introduced me to the fabulous world of handmade goods. I have found so many wonderful friends, gifts, and countless yards of fabric I never used but plan to someday thanks to you! I have been able to ship orders to special places around the US and beyond, like the Netherlands, England, Canada, and Australia. It's really a wonderful thing when I get that email that says, "Dear IreneDesign, you received an order from...". I love those!

But I just can't do it any more. Not for now. Not for a long while. Maybe not for ever, but I don't want to jinx myself.

Just so we are clear on this, I do still have plans to do my custom orders for those who want them. I also plan to keep up with my local stores I still feel the love!. And I plan to go out with a bang, like 25% everything in stock!

Thanks for all the good times, happy emails, frustrations, lessons learned; for providing me a venue to build up my confidence in my skills and a way to meet so many wonderful artisans. We can still be friends, you know, and while that may be weird for you it will be wonderful for me.

With much love,


  1.'s kind of sad, like you're breaking up with someone. BUT, I completely understand. This online business thing is definitely not an easy task. Good luck with your consignment!!!

  2. I'm glad. I'm glad you're okay with everything, and I'm sure sewing will be much more enjoyable for you!

  3. People are always telling me I should have an Etsy store ... but I just want to enjoy the making and the gifting. You summed it up so well!


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