Monday, November 15, 2010

My weekend in pictures

It's funny to me that I have an iPhone, but I still consider it to be semi-archaic. I mean, two versions have come out since I got mine, and have you seen the camera quality on the iPhone 4? I know other phones have even higher quality cameras, but compared to my dinosaur, it's brilliant. (I still like mine and plan to hang on to it as long as possible.)

I still use my camera often, and here's a little peek at what our weekend held. 
 Enjoying the last few days of Fall's warmth before the cold sets in.

 A surprise gift from in my mail box from a friend.

Funny Story: My hubby called Friday while I was at work and said (in a very confused tone), "I think Wes bought you a book." 
Me: "What? Why? Wait. Which book?" 
Hubby: "I don't know--some quilting book." 
Me: "BETH!! It was Beth. She bought me the book!" 
Thank you, Beth! (Her hubby's name was on the Amazon return address.)

"Dr. Marvin, look, I'm quilting!" 
I sent an email to my mom and sisters with the above quote. Have you seen "What About Bob?" If not, that will make no sense--sorry.
 Quilting Della's gift.

 Starting the binding process

 Nearly-finished binding. I just have to hand-sew it to the back. 
(This is the part of quilting that has always scared me. I don't hand-sew anything, but I need to put on my big-girl pants and just do it.)

Making a Roman Shade with Beth for her kitchen window

Not included in pictures:
Lots of time with the hubby and baby;
Lunch with friends Sunday;
Reminder to be aware and weary of my grumbling;
Catching up on much-needed house cleaning;
The grief and praise that combine in the death of a very wonderful family friend who is now celebrating with her Savior a life well-lived and battle well-fought.

It is here, caught in the middle of the mundane and the extraordinary, that I live in gratitude for all the good gifts I am given.


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  1. What can I say? My hubs has a bad habit of buying people books. ;) Glad I could surprise {and confuse} you! :)


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