Monday, November 29, 2010

Meeting my goals and plenty of sewing

Amy's Creative Side

There is something truly satisfying about setting and meeting specific goals.  I do really well with writing out a goal, setting it somewhere visible, and then doing what I need to in order to finish it.  This week my goal was to either finish the Advent Calendar or my holiday decorations for the Holiday Traditions Exchange.

The Advent Calendar is as close to finished as possible. I finished my part anyways. I am still waiting on the ornaments to arrive. so you get teaser pictures until then!

I also finished one of two mug rugs for the exchange.  This was my first time making one apparently they are pretty "last year" in the quilting world, but they are so "right now" in my world! It's like making a mini quilt and super fun to put together!

Last week a good friend called to ask if I would make a placemat and napkin set for her mom's Christmas gift. I am not one to turn away table linens, especially not when I am give full creative license to choose any fabrics I want! So I chose these fabrics from Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow collection, and I'll say I was near-drooling the entire time. These are beautiful, and I think the small floral print needs to become the back of one of my many quilts I plan to make.

I also cleaned my sewing room yes, pretty pictures to come and started a gift for Brandon's granny.  My goal for next week is to finish her gift and make a bag for my mom for her birthday.  After that it will be time for another quilt!



  1. Wow. You have been a busy girl. :o)
    Your sewing is just precious!
    And what a pretty advent calendar that you give us a little peek at. :o)
    Sincerely - Trish

  2. great job! i sure do love the joel dewberry fabric!! cute mug rug, i don't think they are "last year" i just found out about them a month or so ago, so they are still this year for me too!!

  3. Love your mug rug! I have some Modern Meadow waiting patiently for me on my shelf...want to make a quilt for our bed with it!!

  4. You are inspiring me! Busy & productive. I have been the former, but not necessarily the latter. I want to make this advent calendar sooo badly. Maybe this weekend when I am mourning the loss of my neighbors. :)

  5. It's maddening to have to wait to finish something, but the anticipation makes the finished project so much sweeter!

  6. Interesting that mine was not the only Advent calendar wanting finishing. I like the idea of adding bells. I am wondering what decorations you will have.

  7. You did a lot! The advent calendar has peeked my interest. I'm with you on the mug rugs, I can't seem to make enough and they are so cool.

  8. The calendar is so cute! and I'm super jealous of your organized sewing room! :)


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