Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Traditions Exchange

This one is short and sweet. I feel like I always find out about exchanges (particularly sewing exchanges) after the sign ups close. I don't want that to be you, Friends, so I'm letting you in on this one promise me you'll send me a quick email or tweet next time you hear about one?!

As of writing this blog, sign ups are still open for the Holiday Traditions Exchange at Sweet Bug Farm. Hurry though because this one is popular and sign ups close Saturday (or once 200 have signed up).



  1. Thanks for the tip! I am usually like you...I find out after the fact! I signed up for this one as well, you know, to make the holidays just that much more nuttier! But it will be worth it to enjoy some crafty goodness under the tree. Enjoy the swap! Maybe we'll end up partners??

  2. I've never done an exchange, but they sound like a lot of fun. Hopefully I can do one after the holidays!


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