Monday, November 1, 2010

A time to give thanks

The weekend has come and gone. Finalizing details. Time with friends. Celebration. Serving. Closing out commitments. Family. Worship. These are the moments that I am thankful for.

It's a new month, a new week, a fresh start. I want to begin and end with gratitude. Even when there is less than perfection in the middle. I'm joining a little late, but here I am.

holy experience

1. Forgiving arms embracing a hug

2. Oatmeal shared with my girl that has become our morning ritual

3. The Sunday evening pull wishing for a few more hours, another day, that tells me how blessed I am to have a home I crave

4. The feathers entrapping the warmth of bodies in bed, resting for the day ahead

5. Packages on the table, ready to be mailed, knowing they will bring smiles

6. Multiple phone calls with sisters I miss and love

7. Talk of Graduation plans (!!)

8. Grocery shopping with a friend

9. News of another friend's pregnancy

10. An opportunity to serve those who needed a meal and a conversation


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