Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New summer dresses for babies and little girls

Adeline's drawers seem to be spilling over with clothes, but being a baby, she goes through them very quickly!  Now that it's hot out, I'm constantly grabbing for the dresses and one piece outfits that will keep her comfy and cool whether we are inside enjoying the AC or out and about.  Many of the dresses I have for her are not really condusive to her newly formed skill of crawling, so I needed something a little shorter and easier to wear. 

I thought about making more of the Milla Modern Pinafore dresses, but it is a fairly time consuming pattern, and I like the idea of not messing with hems.  I decided to get the Popover Pinafore pattern from Grain and Gusset (review forthcoming).

The red, white and blue dress is made with a solid Kona cotton and a bold red and white fabric from the quilt store sale.  The yellow dress is made with some sheets I picked up a while back at the thrift store.  They are in great condition, and I love being able to re-purpose the material for something other than a landfill!

The two dresses for Adeline--with plenty of fabric left over to offer custom orders in the shop--are perfect for exploring around the house and heading out on the town.  They aren't really long enough for an older girl to wear alone but would look adorable with some leggings or capris.



  1. love these dresses...I really want to try to make some for Anne :) I definitely need some practice with patterns though!

  2. oh Summer and Sunshine !
    It topped "chilly" with a -8oC.
    My little boy would not appreciate me ordering that gorgeous little red and white dress :)
    Adeline looks just lovely in these colours you have picked.


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