Monday, June 21, 2010

New Cloth Napkins

Somehow I forgot to mention that June was going to be a "No Spend" month for me when it comes to fabric.  That was all good and well until the local quilt shop had a major sale on all their fabric and then Beth told me she needed some fabric for a curtain and would I go with her? yes, I would. And I would also buy some fabric.

I picked up these two lovelies and quickly made some napkins which are now in the shop.  The one with the birds reminds of the book, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.  Have you all read that one? It's hilarious--mostly because the illustrations are brilliant.  I used to work in a school office and let the kiddies read that one when they weren't feeling good or sometimes when they were waiting for the principle..shhh...don't tell on me!  I also picked up a great red and white which is now a pinafore--to be shown later--and a few fat quarters to use with baby gifts I'll be making soon.

So, now I'm telling you that "No Spend" month is resuming its regularly-scheduled programming. I need to use what I have! 

How do you keep yourself from buying too many supplies?



  1. These turned out so cute! Love them!

  2. really cute napkins, and I love the book, too! I don't know how to not buy fabric's sooooo tempting!


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