Saturday, June 26, 2010

The new kind of jewelry party

My friend Rachel came up with an idea that you all are going to think is brilliant I think it is!  She started making jewelry last year, but with the overwhelming number of sellers on Etsy found that her sales weren't really coming from online.  She also found that there was a market for teaching people to make their own jewelry.

Rachel has got a whole system set up where she holds parties for people to learn how to make earrings.  She has all of the supplies so that each person gets a place setting with everything needed to make two pairs of earrings, including their own set of tools to use for the night, not to take home.

So, Tuesday night the guys from my community group went to see a baseball game, and the ladies stayed in and learned how to make earrings!  I have always been intimidated by making earrings, but Rachel made it so accessible.  She showed us all of the basic supplies and taught us a few techniques to make different kinds of earrings.

It was so rewarding to see this... turned into a fancy set of dangles!

Rachel also brought some of her own jewelry to show us...I'm so impressed with her talent!

I think everyone really enjoyed making the earrings, and I can see a party like this becoming popular very soon!  hint hint, Louisville friends!  Thanks, Rachel!!

Oh, and Rachel left a few of her tools behind, so I bought some basics and made myself a couple more pairs of earrings :)

Not that I needed another hobby, but I may just be adding earring tools to my wish list very soon!


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