Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding Cake Toppers

I love that you all are such enthusiasts for cake plates! Mary from ArtTales said in the comments that she has 20+!  I have two (one of which I need to show you because it was hand painted by Brandon's great aunt). 

So the base is covered but what about the top of the cake?!  I did a little search on Etsy and found some cake toppers I wish I had seen when I was getting married four years ago!  I disliked all the ones I found, so we ended up just using extra flowers from our bouquets on top the cake.

As I scrolled the the search results, I kept coming across these really unique wooden toppers from Star House on Etsy.  Hand painted with sustainbly grown wood, these will not only be a conversation starter at the wedding, they would look great displayed for years after the wedding!

What is it with North Carolina?!   Star House is located there, and these sculpture/toppers are from Middleburg Folk Art Studio in NC.

What would an Etsy feature be without good old-fashioned vintage?  Clockwise from top left: Lady and the Tramp figurines, Golden Anniversary Cake Topper, 1950s Modern Rabbit Cake Topper


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