Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday New Fabric and Placemats

No, I did not go to the Sewing Summit, but I was Among Friends.  Sort of . One of the local quilt shops has a Fat Quarter sale every year.  Last year I found out just a few days after the sale.  This year, I was there! I gave myself a budget of $30 "fun money" for whatever I wanted {see the first photo}, plus I was looking for fabrics for "Diane's Quilt" {see picture and explanation below}.  If you're curious, I stuck under my budget, although there are a few fabrics not pictured. 

I met my friend Diane at work shortly after moving here five years ago.  Even after leaving that company, we remained friends, and she has invited my family over for dinner just for fun as well as when she feels sorry for us living so far from family like at Thanksgiving {she's Italian, and she cooks like she's Italian}!  When I was making plans for what to do with Della in case Chloe was born before my mom got here, Diane was the first person I thought of.  Sure enough, I had to call her at 1:30 one morning to have her take Della so we could head to the hospital and have a baby--nearly three weeks early! I have tried thinking of suitable ways to thank her, but unfortunately I am not rich! Then I though of a quilt. {duh.}  So, I'm making yet another Elizabeth Hartman quilt from The Practical Guide to Patchwork. I've already started cutting the fabric.

I also had a big finish.  Well, sort of.  Only big because I finally mailed it off...two weeks later.
My sister asked me to make some place mats for her new table, and I was happy to oblige.  You get to see one set now and the other later when I finish a tutorial ;)

So my stats:
Finishes since last post:
Three! {place mats, Wonky Stars baby quilt, Colette Ginger Skirt}

Works in Progress:
New Wave Quilt {needs to be bound}
Violet Top {needs to be hemmed}
Diane's Quilt {lots left}

I also have several others I want to work on, but realistically I need to wrap up my WIPs before I start anything else!

I am linking up with Lee...
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  1. These placemats are splendid! I hope her dishes do them justice!

  2. great fat quarters! and love the poppy fabric for the place mats.

  3. I love the fabric on the placemats! very pretty!


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