Sunday, October 9, 2011

1 Quilt for 1 Boy

I drove past St. Joe’s several times a week for at least two years before I realized that just a few hundred yards from the road lay a row of brick homes, each full of young boys who for various reasons lived there as orphans. The reality that there are that many orphans in this little city—and those are just the boys—kind of stunned me at first. Actually it still does. Part of me wants to hide from the reality; maybe if I cover my eyes it will just go away. The other part wants to take as many of those boys into my home as I can.

Right now I can do neither. But I can offer an incredibly small token of love to just one of those little ones, all the while sending prayers to the Father for each to be wrapped in love very soon. 

When I started this quilt, it was simply about playing with some of my fabric. Then I saw the 100 Quilts for Kids and I knew this needed to be for a baby boy. My church started a month-long Orphan Care push, and I quickly remembered the row of homes, in which a baby boy needs this blanket and some love.

My heart breaks with that reality but I rejoice in being able to use some of my passion for loving another--even if for just a few hours.



  1. Your blog touched me. I am sure this quilt will make a big difference for one boy. Who knows where that will lead.

  2. Kelly, this blanket is beautiful! I love the colors. What a great way to share your talents. I hope it blesses the baby boy who receives it for years to come.

  3. Your blog post is very touching. Remember that even a small gesture such as this will go a long way towards making someone's day and life a little better.

  4. It is a heartbreaking story... I'm so glad you shared the story and a quilt. Sometimes a little bit of love really does go a long way. Happy sewing!


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