Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Making earrings

{{{For some reason I sang the title of this post to the tune of "Choppin Broccoli" 
Thank you, SNL, for that classic.}}}

So last week I decided I needed some new earrings. Because I have a total of two pairs--one set of pearl studs and one set of turquoise dangles Brandon's Granny gave me. I like them both, but I would be OK with some variety in this area.

Not being one to just go the simple route and purchase a pair or two, I used that money to buy myself a jewelry making starter kit.  I got three pairs of pliers, lots of silver findings, and some beads, all for the price of the two pairs of earrings I was looking at on Heartsy.  Go me!  {I will just pretend like the messy house is not a result of my insatiable need to be doing something a bit more creative.}

Oh and did I mention that there are loads of birthdays coming up in the next few months? And Christmas? So really, this gives me another option for gifts. Right?

Anyways, here is my favorite set.  Well, one of them with my eyeball.

Here's a close up.

I really enjoy making earrings but need a little help! If any of you have any good websites to buy supplies, get ideas, or can recommend a good book or other resources, I would totally appreciate it!  I totally know my around around the fabric la-la-land on the interwebs, but not jewelry!


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  1. I've made jewelry in the past, but haven't continued with it (because I'd rather knit). I would usually get everything at Hobby Lobby since they always seemed to alternate between putting beads on sale one week and findings the next week. Michael's has alot of cute stuff too! I always got ideas from what I saw at the stores...you can make pretty much anything out there!


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