Friday, October 21, 2011

Observing my own curfew wouldn't be such a bad idea

Last night I was working on some blocks and had decided that after one hour I needed to be finished.  I knew I was already exhausted, and getting to bed early would be a good thing.  Of course 9PM came and went unnoticed and around 9:45 I was ironing my blocks when I noticed this one.

It is not supposed to look like that!  So tonight I'll be doing a little stitch ripping along with sewing more blocks. I'll also keep this picture as a reminder of why I should listen to myself when I say I need to go to bed early!

Also, I called my mom at 10PM asking her if the (cooked) chicken I had left out over the last two hours was still good.  Final decision was actually NO so tonight we are having a vegetarian dinner.  No one needs to know about that, though, OK?


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  1. oh, i have so been there before (we probably all have). but, occasionally, i get in a groove, and do some pretty awesome things late at night. :)


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