Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Della wanted you to know...

...she is expecting a baby sister!

We had The Big Ultrasound last Friday, and our little girl was nice enough to show us that she is in fact a she. So that means I have to start planning things like matching Christmas outfits and coordinating summer clothes!  muahahaha! I'm pretty sure my mom steered clear of coordinating the three girls because she considered it cruelty to have to dress like her little sister, but I'm thinking Della could handle it--at least for a few years!  (Although I do recall several family photos involving matching outfits...)

Because we have no clue where we will be living when Baby Girl 2 arrives (she is unnamed at this point), I'm not planning on making much in the way of nursery decor. I will hold off on that until we know where we will be and what I'll have to work with in terms of space.  I really want to re-do the nursery into a big girl/little girl room though and would love to use a "Storybook" or "Alphabet" theme (or some combination of both).

Here's just a little peek at what I've been eyeing lately for the projects I can't really do!

 Far Far Away 2 by Heather Ross available here

  Carmel Town Fabric by Lecien seen here

1001 Peeps by Lizzy House for Andover Fabrics

Woodland Alphabet Print from Loxly Hollow

Obviously those are all pretty different, but I think that once we move--whenever that happens to be--I will narrow my focus and pick one or two and go from there. 

In the meantime I should probably plan a project I can do like more baby dresses  or a new diaper bag.



  1. congrats! i love having 2 girls. and before i had kids, i only wanted boys!! now, if we have another one, i'm kind of scared if it is a boy. :) btw, have you seen storyboek by jay-cyn designs?

    when we move, our girls will share a room, and i'm thinking of going this route. although, i change my mind weekly, so who knows what i'll actually pick.

  2. Congratulations Kelly! Two girls will be so wonderful. I always wanted a sister!
    I say go for the matching outfits. At least while they are young enough for you to get away with it. ; )
    Hope you are feeling well!


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