Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let's make a pact.

{This is supposed to be a post with finishes from the weekend but something happened to my pictures, and due to technical difficulties, we're putting that off and working out this little pact...}

Friends, there are some pretty sweet swaps out there.  Mug Rugs. Pillows. Mini Quilts. Fabric.  and lots more.  The problem is I feel like I *almost* always find out about these swaps just days after they close. And I'm not the type to email the hard working volunteer organizing the swap asking him/her to make an exception for me.  I just suck it  up and move on, hoping I'll find out about the next one days before it closes.

{Please note, I just deleted an entire paragraph of whining about this.} 

Let's get on with this pact of ours, shall we?  If you hear about a swap, even if you're not participating--but especially if you are!--don't be shy about getting the word out on your blog.  I pinky-promise I will do the same! (But given my track record, you're not likely to learn about these swaps from me first.)

{End of rant and pact making.  Please feel free to spread the pact love around!}



  1. Hey Kelly! This might be a silly suggestion, since you probably already do so, but you can add bee/swap flicker groups' discussion pages to your RSS feed, and you might see them sooner that way. I kept finding out about them after they were full/past due too, and it wasn't until I set up the feeds that I was able to sign up for the MSQB. Now, even though I'm not looking to join, I find out about more groups while they're still join-able.

  2. Just found your blog and am taking a look around! I have a swap going on right now if you'd lime to join... I can wait for a day or two for your reply then need to get the swap going again, so take a peek and if youre interested, drop me an email! :)

    Here's my swap:!/entry/1304


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