Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Photo Preview, plus some photo tips

Whether reading through the Etsy Shop Makeover Series, or a list of tips on the Indie Biz 2.0 course, one of the most common pieces of advice given to sellers is


I will admit to using less than worthy pictures in my listings, but from here out, I am focusing on photos that would make me want to buy the product.

Remember when selling something online, the customer cannot actually pick up the item and see that "it is so much better than the pictures lets on."

For me, this means photographing in the afternoon in my kitchen, backyard, or dining room. These are all places I get plenty of indirect natural light. It also means taking 20+ pictures of one item, using different backgrounds and various angles, to find a few that really work. I have some great pictures with horrible hues because I photographed at night in my sewing room rather than during the day when the sunlight is pouring in.

I then spend some time editing. I enhance the exposure, crop around the image, add backgrounds and even text, all to make sure that my photo shows how great the product is. I am not a professional photographer, but thanks to programs like iPhoto and Picnik, I can make some minor adjustments that can really show off the images. When I do not take the time to do this, it really shows via poor photo quality and no sales!

Once that is all said and done I'm ready to add the photos to a listing. That's another story, or another post. For now I have lots of editing to do so I can get these items listed!

One of my goals for April is to photograph all of my unlisted and listed items to make sure they are really spectacular. By the end of April I hope to have no more "so-so" photos in my shop.

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