Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Small Plates Quilt Top, etc.

I love when I'm able to get some big "finishes" under my belt.  After spending quite a bit of time second guessing my fabric choices, I finally finished up Diane's quilt top.  That cream fabric with the brown dots is still look a little questionable in the photo, but when it isn't the center of attention, it behaves quite nicely with the others.  I'm using the Small Plates pattern from the Practical Guide to Patchwork for this one.

This one is really just a teaser. I finally bound the New Wave quilt top after letting it sit in my sewing room since I used the Long Arm machine back in July!  I'll show more of this soon, I promise!

And for those two quilts I planned...The first is going to be yet another design from the Practical Guide to Patchwork {I seriously LOVE that book. Did you see Elizabeth's news yet?!}.  I am waiting on a few more gray fabrics to arrive, but I will start cutting this weekend.

And this one is either going to be a Drunkard's Path or Half Square Triangle quilt. I just can't decide if I really want to do all the cutting for the Drunkard's Path or not.  I love that design, but now that everyone has those fancy GO! Baby cutters, I feel like I live in the dark ages with my rotary cutter and mat ;)  I may just need to suck it up and go for it... {Can I get away with not cutting the notches in the center? That is the part that really bugs me.}

My goal is to finish all three quilts by the end of the year. Am I insane? {yes. I'll answer that for you.}  Can I do it? {Let's hope so!!}

Of course, I am linking up with Lee for WIP Wednesday. For some reason my button isn't working though.


  1. You're making great progress! And I have to say I went to my local modern quilt guild and Elizabeth Hartman was sitting right next to me and she's just as smart as on her blog - or book! Good luck on your quilts, I have one before christmas and one for new year to do, let's hope we can both do it!

  2. love the fabrics you have picked out! I odn't have a go baby either, so don't feel so bad. :)

    I want to see that finished quilt in all it's glory! Great WIP report!

  3. I can't wait to see that quilt in its entirety!! Maybe Santa will bring you a Go cutter for Christmas? I just got this cool thing in the mail, via ebay, yesterday. It's called the Curve Master, and it's a foot that lets you feed curved edges so you don't have to pin. Really cool, I can't wait to try it...I pretty much lurked around on ebay until I found someone auctioning one off, lol.

  4. You have so much going on. I love it. Good luck getting your quilts done!


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