Thursday, November 10, 2011

On Quilts Large and Small

Remember last week when I told you about my really ambitious plan to finish up THREE quilts by the end of the year {two of which were still in the form of fat quarter stacks}?  Well, this is a great example of why I hold my plans in open hands. I will be able to finish up the Small Plates quilt--most likely this weekend--but as much as I want to give those final two as Christmas gifts, it just isn't going to happen.  We are about to hit some major turbulence of a good sort as a family, and I am going to have to use my free time for things other than sewing.  I still have plans for a few smaller items, but nothing quite like finishing three quilts before Christmas.

So what are some of those other plans? I can't really divulge a whole lot right now, but I can still give you my sewing plans ;)  I still have my Violet Top hanging in the closet with no hems and no buttons. It doesn't do me much good like that.  I also just might join in on Amy's Mini Quilt Challenge...tomorrow!  One of the great things about minis is they give the option of trying new blocks or practicing quilting techniques without a large degree of commitment.

Here is some mini eye candy for you on this fine Thursday.

It is not too late to join Amy's Mini Quilt Challenge!  It will be open tomorrow, but since these quilts are mini, you {and I} can make one tonight!


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