Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

Progress is slowing down quite a bit around here in terms of actual projects, but I did get my sewing room cleaned and organized enough to have some sweet pieces to add to my giveaway this week.

I also {nearly} completed the quilting on my Small Plates quilt. There are a few areas where the fabric was dragging and I need to go back and pick out the stitches and re-do them.  I've been procrastinating on that though {see point one above}.

Beth came over this weekend for a little craft night.  I made one earring.  That's right. Not one pair. Just one earring. Obviously I'm making great progress! You should see what Beth is doing. She is pretty classy.

Oh, and of course I did manage to make a mini quilt for Amy's Mini Quilt Challenge and it is now hanging up in my kitchen!  I have to admit I smile every time I go by it. I love the colors and am really happy with how it turned out {even though it is completely different from the original plan I had drafted on graph paper.}  Next time I'll be referring to Kate's new tutorial for her Garden Windows blocks before moving on the the rest of my design!

Issue 7 of Fat Quarterly is waiting for me to finish reading. It's all about color, and so far what I have read and seen in there is so good.

Coming up this week:
Finish the Small Plates quilt. This one is not optional.
Finish the Violet Top. {What's that? You don't know about this one? Oh, sorry. I keep forgetting to take photos to include here!}
That's it.  No, really. I doubt there will be time for anything else, but if there is, I have an Amy Butler Birdie Sling I would love to make, some fabrics I pulled last night after reading Issue 7 that would make a great mini quilt or pillow, or 2 large quilts that are ready to be started, so I am not lacking in the ideas department as usual!

I'm linking up with Lee for WIP Wednesday!

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  1. Your Small Plates quilt looks fantastic - I really like your choice of fabric :)

  2. i never get a lot done on girl's craft night either. just lots of talking and fun! :)

    i love the small plates quilt and i am looking forward to seeing it done!


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