Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday OR The Weekly Round Up

It is Wednesday again, and lots of progress has been made this time!

  • I finished undoing all the stitching on my sister's quilt!  No really, YAY!
  • I found out that can do the quilting myself on a long arm machine--Double YAY!  There is a sewing center in town that rents a long arm quilter; the only requirement is that you take a class to learn how to use it (darn).  So next month I'll be taking the class then getting busy quilting FOUR quilts.  
  • I also finished my Kitchen Windows quilt top.  I'm loving it! I still haven't decided how I want to do the back, so that's on the WIP list.
  • I finally took pictures of my diaper bag and posted the review of the Amy Butler pattern I used to make it.
This coming week I have several WIPs
  • Make my final MSQB block.  I'm pretty settled on this one, but I'm sad because it means the bee is officially over for me when I finish the block. 
  • Make a cosmetic bag or makeup brush roll for a good friend who watches Della for me quite a bit.  She often will not let me pay her, so I think I'm totally overdue in making her something.
  • Work on my New Wave quilt.  I have everything cut out and have started sewing the pieces together.  I don't anticipate finishing this top until next week with the other two projects taking priority, but I hope to get some work done on it.  

Other WIPs
  • Quilt back for the Kitchen Windows quilt: I need to decide if I want it all to be the same fabric or if I actually want something snazzy on the back.  I'm leaning toward the first option. 
  • Quilt back for Della's "first" quilt--AKA the Baby Troll Quilt.  This is actually the first quilt top I ever made, but it's been sitting in my studio for a good year now because I was too intimidated to do anything with it.  Now that I've done a bit more quilting, have a date with a long arm, and have a big girl to give it to, I think it's time to finish this one ASAP.  
  • Kitchen accessories: I still want to make several more, but these are kind of a "back  burner" project.
  • Baby gear: I haven't made anything for the new baby, but with her due date coming up in 7 weeks (OMG!), I think I need to put this much closer to the top of the list.  I just need to decide what to make.  I'm thinking a sleep sack would be a fun project to try, but I'm totally open to suggestions (other than a quilt)!

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  1. We have a LQS but she doesn't rent her long arm. How nice is that? I like your fabric for your New Wave quilt.

  2. Love our fabric choices for your new wave quilt!

    How exciting that you found a long arm to use! I wish I could do that, but I haven't found a place close to me. That sounds like the perfect solution for you!

  3. Love those fabrics for your new wave project!

  4. My baby is 2 months old and I made him a baby wrap. I wore it this past weekend when I went to the Biltmore estate and it was wonderful! It didn't hurt my back at all. Also a car seat cover would be great. I used mine all the time until it got too hot for him. I'm sure I'll start using it again in the winter.

  5. Those are lovely fabrics for your new wave quilt! And it sounds like you have some fun projects on the go.

  6. love the fabrics for the wave quilt.. and you go girl on the LA!! get some pictures too


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