Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday: Stitch Ripping and a Quilt Top in progress

My last post was also a W.I.P. Wed. post.  What's that all about?!  Well, it's about the only progress being made this week was the backwards kind.  I spent three of four sewing nights pulling stitches out of the quilt.  And I'm still not finished.  But I am *so close*!  Also, it was hot.  And if it's hot outside, it's just as hot in my sewing room since there is no AC in that place.  And I'm pregnant, which doesn't mix well with hot!  All that to say, here's what I've got going on this week...

Finish removing the stitches from the Mod Sampler QuiltDid you know that for every minute you spend sewing something on the machine, you'll spend 5 minutes to take out those same stitches?  OK, so that's not scientific fact, but that's about how it seems to me right now.  I just need to decide on who I'm going to send it to for the actual quilting. insert sarcastic enthusiasm about paying someone else to do what I want to be doing.

All of the Kitchen Windows blocks are now ready to be sewn together!  I finally committed to the light blue sashing, which I still have mixed feelings over, but this was my original instinct so I'm sticking with it.  I chose the blue because the other main colors are pink/gray/red and I want Brandon to be able to like the quilt too.  I plan to finish start the quilt top this weekend.

I have one last quilt block to make for the MSQB and then I'm officially finished (well except for my quilt).  This block is for a man's quilt, so I'm super intimidated by it. I might put it off one more week until I know for sure I've settled on the right block. sorry, Sharon! I did get some "inspiration" about which fabrics to use today though.

I am really behind on getting up my review/reveal of the Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Tote I made last month.  I want to take good pictures to show you, but I'm stumped and feel like all my photos are lame-o these days. 

I have a New Wave quilt stack ready to go but I need to make/get the template. Oh, and I need to finish "all of the above" before starting this one.

I also need to mop my kitchen floor again. It's been a while.

I am still wondering: What kind of sewing machine do you use and is it pretty good with quilting?  I'm starting to think about getting a new machine, and I really want to be able to finish my quilts on it--something I can not do with my current machine.

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  1. Your kitchen windows look great! It's going to be a gorgeous quilt.
    Sorry about the quilting troubles! What kind of problems are you having with your machine? I have a (very) inexpensive 10-year-old Kenmore sewing machine. Nothing fancy at all, and I've quilted twin-size quilts on it. I'd think that getting a new machine would make sense--long-arm services can get expensive!

  2. Wait - we're supposed to mop our kitchen floors??? ;D

    Love your kitchen windows. (And how come you can't quilt the pretty purple and green?)

  3. ok- i love- your block, the fabrics you picked and your happy poppies on your blog! and mop? who needs to mop? ;) i use a cheapie kenmore from sears but it does the trick- i totally quilt with it.

  4. Look at all those lovely fabric stacks. I also saw last weeks potholder. Too cute!

  5. Picking out stitches is not fun. Stippling is horrible to rip out and I always felt like I had four thumbs when I was pregnant. These color combinations are beautiful!

  6. your pictures are not lame. I like them. Sorry you have to do all of the ripping out. No fun! All of the time you are spending on it, is just more love put into the project.

  7. you've got many things going lady, and being pregnant! Any progress, no matter what direction is an accomplishment ;)

  8. I call my seam ripper my "reverse sewing machine". :) I'm sorry you had to rip out! I hate having to do that.
    I've got a Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 870, which was designed for quilting. It's got a longer throat so you can roll larger quilts in there. It's also got a million stitches, which I use sometimes, and comes with a ton of feet. I personally SUCK at free motion quilting, so I can't say how this one's all operator error, I'm afraid! I would suggest looking on CraigsList for one, unless you want to get a brand new one, and have the warranty.
    Good luck!

  9. Your kitchen windows quilt looks great. I love Giselle, I recently used it in a quilt and it will be really nice on your quilt back.


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