Friday, April 22, 2011


First, I loved reading your "random comments" in response to the fabric giveaway.  It's fun to know little bits about you or what you are working on! Feel free to leave more comments like that on any post--whether or not it has to do with what I said ;)

Second, I'm reading Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, and the suspense is killing me.  Does he find her or not?!

Speaking of suspense....  do you want to know who the winners are?  Ok. fine.  I used to help me pick the numbers but totally forgot to save the pictures of the numbers!! I'm pretty sure there's some blog rule I'm breaking with that, but since it's my giveaway, I guess I can give myself permission to do that.

Package One will be heading out to Kelly with comment #3!
Kelly said...
i'm finished up dresses for my girls for easter! i've never made any garments before, but i'm using an oliver + s pattern, and their reputation of being easy to follow has not let me down. i only have the buttons left!
April 17, 2011 10:45 PM 

I hope you post pictures of the finished dresses!  I have yet to try an Oliver + S pattern but have certainly been tempted!

And Package Two will be heading out to Jacqueline with comment #15!
Jacqueline said...
Well, something interesting. One of your sisters was one of my best friends in the whole world through gradeschool...

So, it's a small sewing world indeed when my older sister's best friend from grade school (she totally remembers, by the way!) wins my giveaway!

Congrats to both of you ladies. I'll send out an email to you later today to get your mailing address.  If you didn't win, don't worry. I had so much fun I think I'll do it again soon ;)  Also you can still use the code iRead10 to get 10% off in my destash shop (which I hope to update this weekend). 

In the mean time, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend.  I know for many of us, this is a big weekend not just of celebrating family and Spring (which are both big deals), but also the very core of our faith.  


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  1. yay! i'm so excited to finally win some fabric! the dresses are done, they're posted on my flickr, but i haven't blogged yet.

    and yes, easter is a big weekend. it's hard to teach my kids that while easter baskets and egg hunts are fun, that's not what easter is about.


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