Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Triple Chocolate Birthday Cupcakes

I know cupcakes were all the rage in recent years, and some people say they are now "out", but I'm not really sure I get how something like a cupcake could ever really be "out".  I mean, I'm not sporting cupcake t-shirts or anything like that, but come on, Folks! When you have something that resembles this,

I would say it's nothing by in!

I had the opportunity to celebrate a friend's birthday this weekend pot-luck style, and I was asked to bring the birthday cake.  I went with Triple Chocolate Cupcakes from the Cheeky Kitchen archives. (I made this recipe as cupcakes for Della's birthday last year.)  It's really hard to go wrong--or be out--when you're using three different kinds of chocolate for one cupcake.

Three little notes for you if you make these cupcakes (and if they are for a birthday).
ONE: The cupcake base is really rich and dense.  I would actually like to try these again but will play around with the chocolate-to-sugar ratio because they were almost too chocolately--yes, it's possible when you're using real baking chocolate. 
TWO: Don't be intimidated by the chocolate filling.  It was more liquid-y than I expected, but it was fine.  Just prepare it in a glass measuring cup with a little pour spout so you can fill your cupcakes easily.  I let my cupcakes sit in the frig for 30 minutes after filling to get it all to set.  
THREE: If you're celebrating a birthday, remember the candles! Whoops. I left mine with the lighter on the counter at home.  Faux Pas.

And if you're wondering about that third layer of chocolate, it's in the frosting.  The OMG delicious white chocolate frosting.  There's still a small bowl in my frig that I just can't bear to toss out--or eat because it's so sweet and delicious.

Do you have a favorite cupcake recipe (or t-shirt)?  If you're still a believer like me and want some cute wrappers, this shop is where I got mine.



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