Monday, October 18, 2010

Shop update and some {nearly} shameless shop promotion

{This is my 100th post!}

There are many days I feel like a one-woman-factory after I finish sewing, but I actually really love that feeling.  It is one of completion and satisfaction as well as an eagerness to do it all over again.  I've been doing this whole sewing thing for over two years now, and rather than getting tired of it, I'm loving it even more!  Want to see what I have been working on?! it's OK to just smile and nod here.

I love the Japanese fabric in the first pouch. All those cute little faces! I'm also a big fan of the warm colors in the third one. The other pouches are OK....just kidding! If I didn't love those fabrics, I never would have used them. That's just how I roll.
I have one of these pouches, and I use it when I take Della for cream money fits in there really well! I also use it to keep my gigantor purse from swallowing my chapstick and pens when I am traveling.

The original plan with these was to make two sets: one for Etsy and one for Revelry. However, Hubby and I both liked them so much that we kept one of the sets. The other is on Etsy for two weeks and then if no one claims it, I'm taking it to Revelry with my next set of merch.  Moral of the story: go get these before they are gone like the leaves on a tree in October.

I can't tell you how many times a week a lose my keys. I usually find them under a pile of paper, buried in my purse, or hanging from the door I know; that's really cool of me.  The key chain makes it so much easier for me to spot my keys seriously, set Hubby and I on a race to find our hidden keys, and 9 times out of 10, I will find mine first...usually in the door.  The wristlet function is great for when my arms are of full of grocery bags, a 20+ pound baby toddler, and who knows what else!  I also like to tie these on the outside of gifts for baby showers and they are the perfect size for stocking stuffers I'm just sayin'....

So that is some of what I've been busy with lately.  I am also working on a new line of baby + kids clothing and accessories to debut at the end of month. Stay tuned for more info on that and a sneak peek at some items coming soon!


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  1. I love the zippered pouch with the Japanese fabric! Yum! And I can't wait to see your new childrens' items!


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