Friday, October 22, 2010

Sew and Tell: The Diaper Clutch

I think I'm coming to terms with something I thought I would never have to.  I like purses.

I don't know why this is so difficult for me. I always thought of them as a necessary evil. I like to carry a lot of stuff with me, therefore I have to have a purse to avoid overflowing pockets. Only now I really like to have my purse. And I care about what it looks like. And I want options.  And I don't want to be one of those crazy purse-obsessed people who has a new one every week.

OK, maybe I do, but I can't be. 

So I have developed a taste for smaller bags as well.  I like little bags that make it easy for me to switch purses without spending 20 minutes transferring all the contents from one to another.  I already showed you the zippered pouches in my last post. Now for those of you who need a bigger small bag for things like diapers and wipes I want to show you my new favorite little bag.

I like to call it the
I suppose you could also just call it The {Diaper} Clutch.

So. A few specs to get you acquainted.
  • This little baby can hold one of those nice plastic travel wipes cases plus two diapers. I think with cloth diapers it could probably hold only 1. 
  • The flap is held down with a little Flap Strap yes. I made that up myself.. I did this because I have found that on most regular cottons, the velcro tends to come off and magnetic snaps rip holes in the fabric--even if you use interfacing and stitch around your holes. Maybe someone else knows of a magic way to keep this from happening, but my best and extensive efforts have failed on the items that I actually use more than once a month. Plus it looks cute like this.
  • There is a detachable wristlet on there which makes The {Diaper} Clutch really easy to carry around on its own. Of course if you're just using it to transfer diapers from one bag to another, you can always take it off. Della likes to drag her bag around by the strap.
  • I have interfaced the entire thing to give it a little extra stability while still being very flexible and lightweight. 
  • The inside has the same sweet coordinating fabric that I have used on the wristlet strap and Flap Strap.

That one up there is for all the boys. I neglect the boys sometimes because I don't have one, but they need cute fabrics just as much as girls do.

This is the one I have. The bright colors match my bright colored diaper bag. It's also easy to find my bag when all the parents are lined up getting their kids from the nursery after church on Sundays. Do you know how crazy that time is?!

This project was especially gratifying in that I didn't have to follow a pattern. I actually made it up myself, and of course I ran downstairs to show my hubby the moment he got home the night I finished the first one. He's so good to humor me!

I'm linking up today to join several other crafters in showing off their goods at AmyLouWho's Sew and Tell.



  1. It's a great idea! I love your fabric choices!

  2. lol I subject my husband to the same torture. I love that you made this without a pattern...wish I was that brave! What fabric did you use for the first bag? Really cool, I love it!

  3. Thanks, ladies!
    Sara, I thought I knew which fabric that is but was totally wrong. I am going to see if I still have the selvage and will let you know.

  4. I think these are genius, great work! And I love your fabric choices of course. :)

    Stopping by from Sew and Tell, I am off to check out the rest of your site!

    ps I love your blog background!

  5. Great idea! Love, love the funky fabrics.

  6. So cute!! Great job making up your own pattern. It's very cool.

    And you know what else is nice about small bags? You can just put the entire thing into a slightly larger bag that matches your outfit. ;o)

  7. very cute! I could certainly use one of these for myself :)

  8. The diaper clutch is really great. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Fabulous fabrics...great idea.


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