Monday, October 11, 2010

Fringe Fest: The Low Down

Wow. I am pretty sure I was right to think of the Fringe Fest as my craft marathon.  I pretty much crashed on Saturday night/Sunday morning when everything was all over.  I absolutely loved doing a show, but it was draining--probably more mentally than physically since I wasn't really running 26 miles. Or .26 miles. Or at all.

I spent two months preparing--planning what I want to sell, what my goal inventory would be, making all of that, creating the packaging, figuring out pricing and displays, and finally the big day(s) of setting up my table and selling at the fair.

Selling online has definite advantages, but I really loved being able to meet my customers. I enjoyed watching people mull over the items on the table, talk about what they do (or do not!) like with their friends, helping them pick a fabric combination they will be really happy with, and knowing that these items are just as much fun for them to look at as they are for me to make.

I also got to know my customers a little.  I met a lady who sells Montessori educational books online, another who owns a Bed and Breakfast, and another who had just spent a year teaching English in S. Korea. One mom stocked up on Christmas gifts and another lady wasn't planning on buying anything but "had" to have the thumbtacks.  As an artisan, those conversations are the best, and seeing your work through to the actual customer--and their response to it--is golden.

The other wonderful part was meeting the artisans (see their lovely work in the image above).  This was a great time to meet other local artists who also sell at the Dandy Lion in New Albany and learn more about them.

I have some tips based on my experience at this show for preparing for a craft fair or show, but those will be in a separate post tomorrow.


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