Friday, August 26, 2011

Chloe's Quilt

Sewing time has been very limited these days, but I did manage to finish Chloe's quilt last week.  I still think it is a bit big and would omit two rows and two columns if making this again as a baby quilt, but I am really happy with it over all.

Thanks for your suggestions about the backing and binding last time I blogged about this!  I used a binding with teal in it to bring in a bit of a cool color to an otherwise warm quilt, and I ended ordering some extra fabric for the back since Fresh Squeezed Fabrics had it on super sale last month.  This way I was able to stick with my original idea of just using one solid piece for the back.

Before making this quilt, I did not think I would ever design my own quilt or do any form of hand quilting.  I did both with this one!  I used a variegated DMC Pearl 8 thread (one spool was enough for the whole quilt; I ordered 4!), and I found all kinds of really helpful information for the entire process from the Quilting 101 class on Chasing Cottons.  



  1. she's so precious!!! :) beautiful quilt and sweet, sweet, girl. Love the hand quilting detail.

  2. so pretty! ...and what a sweet baby! I hope you are enjoying these days and getting lots of sweet baby hugs :)

  3. That looks great! And your baby is so cute. Congratulations! :)

  4. It's gorgeous! I love the orange and all the hand stitching!


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