Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Fat Quarters

Look what arrived via Fed Ex just a few minutes ago!

It's a Fat Quarter bundle of Josephine Kimberling's Just Dandy fabrics from Robert Kaufman!

I won this dandy little bundle a few weeks ago from Fat Quarterly (with special thanks to Robert Kaufman for sponsoring).  I haven't made up my mind what to do with it beyond just admiring the pretties, but I'm sure I'll find plenty of uses!

We are still enjoying lots of down time with the babies.  My mom is here for a few more days so we may try to tackle the Violet top while I have her expertise to guide me.  Every article of adult clothing I have tried in the last few years has been a fail or very close to it (and I don't think I'm exaggerating) so I'm looking forward to using a Colette pattern and having my mom to help.  Wish us luck!

{If you haven't had a chance to yet, see what Sara is doing with Colette's Ginger Skirt Pattern.  It's going to be a stunner when she's finished!}


  1. I want to do a Colette pattern too! (I think I'll wait until the belly isn't here though). ;)

    Pretty fabric.

  2. The fact that you could find time to post a blog is amazing to me. Then the accomplishments you made on the violet blouse were truly beyond comprehension. I strongly urge you to schedule a few hours a week to sew as part of your new "normal" . I recommend making this a priority because you seem so happy when sew and have such a gift to share. When mama ain't happy, nobody is happy. Give yourself the sewing time for the good of the whole family. I love you! Mom


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