Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School in style

Last weekend I had a custom order to make two dresses for a spunky curly haired girl who is getting ready to start school! Her mom wanted some special dresses that would hold up to the roughness of her little girl's antics, so we decided to make larger versions of the Milla Modern Pinafore.
There was one little problem for me: my pattern only goes up to size 18 months, and the "big girl" version only to five years! So I got another pattern for sizing and altered it to incorporate the parts of the pinafore we liked.  The first dress turned out to be TWO sizes too big though!
I got the sizes worked out for the second dress and after another fabric order, and much patience on K's part, I have finished the original.  But really, how does a pattern maker not know their dress is off by two whole sizes?
The up side is that I have a super cute size 8 (ish) dress in the shop so that one sweet little girl can head back to school with plenty of fashion savvy! Really, how cute is the fabric in this one?! If I were my 8-year old self again, I would love to rock this!
I love this particular style of dress--the simple a-line with a pop down the center. It looks great in the summer as simple dress and is just as cute paired with leggings and a long sleeve top in the fall!


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  1. I just found this blog through "Quest for Real Food" and am now following this one as well! I've also given you an award...



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