Monday, August 16, 2010

Pillows for Della's room

Back when I was looking for fabric to make some pillows  By pillows I mean pillow covers for Della's room, I came across Laurie Wisbrun's circus line on Spoonflower.  Laurie was recently added to Robert Kaufman's fabulous line-up of designers, so she had one final sale on her original colorways before they came out via RK. (view the new line at here)
Can I just take a minute tell you all just how difficult it is for me to pick out fabrics when I have a specific project in mind?  Now, I have no problems just picking up some cute fabric and purchasing it "for later"there is ample proof of that in the piles in my sewing room, but for something like this, I go back and forth over whether this is really the one I want, or what if a new design comes out next month that I'm going to like more?, or what if I pick these colors and they end up not going with what I do next month with the bedding?  It's that ridiculous.  For the record, these don't go with the bedding/quilt in her room, but I decided to just let that go. I'll just have to find a way to tie it all together!
Buying from an individual designer can be fairly pricey, but for a smaller project like this, it's not too bad.  The ruffle and pompom borders were found at the fabric store for the record, there is nothing wrong with buying pre-made ruffles! The orange pompoms were originally intended for another project, but an 11pm stroke of genius prompted me to use them with what I had left from the fat quarters of animal fabric to make that small pillow look a little more interesting.  

The backs of the covers all have the dot fabric, which I totally love. 



  1. Those orange pom poms are a stroke of genius. These are fabulous!

  2. Who knew pre-made ruffles could be so cute!!! And I agree that the mini poms were a stoke of genius. These are some of the cutest pillows I've seen in a while. And I'm soooo glad the fabric made it's way to you!


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