Monday, July 19, 2010

What I do when my daughter doesn't get the vacation memo

We are back! Actually we got back in last Wednesday night, but I finally feel "back".  My bags are unpacked, laundry is clean and put away, and tonight I even made a real dinner!  On top of all that, I finally got to my sewing room last night and our pictures are on the computer from our trip.

One of the bum deals about traveling across three time zones with a baby is that they do not get the message that you should not wake up at 4am just because it is 7am back home.  Nope. My baby wakes up at 7am EASTERN time every morning, and vacation was no different.  At least not the first day.

So we made the most of it and snuggled until the sun came up then went for a walk to check out all of the beautiful flowers in Nana's Southern California neighborhood.

The weather was perfect while we were there: a cool 73 degrees for the highs.  I am wishing for that again now!


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