Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm not sure if it's in reference to my childhood growing up in what was--before the vineyard craze--pear country, but there is something about pears that I love.  Pears are beautiful, delicate, and when treated right divinely delicious.  Pear season also heralds the end of a hot summer and beginning of milder almost-fall weather. 

I will admit I do not like the pear scent (which, like the cinnamon scent, causes my olfactory system great pain), and it's not even a desire to have lots of pear-themed items around me, but when I do see a good pear painting, or pears on a fabric, I have to fight the urge to spend my money and take the item home right then and there.  (I'm usually thankful for the restraint later on since I have no extra space in my home).

The funny thing is I don't even like to eat pears.  Not unless they are really ripe and picked fresh off the tree.  But it is almost pear season back home for the few pear trees that remain, and in honor of those pears that have endured, here's a little freshly-picked selection pears for you!





If and when pears become the new woodland creatures, please remember my former love of the fruit :)



  1. Thank you for honoring the pear. It is sad that so many of the trees have been taken out. I love wine, but really, do we need more vineyards?

  2. Thank you for including my Pears painting!


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