Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Handmade Wedding Attire for Guests

OK, so I know the first California post was a total tease.  I've been talking about trying to find handmade items for my brother in law's wedding at the beginning of the month, and I found some real treasures!  I am finally going to show you the goods.

First off, we all know my dress did not turn out.   So, I bought my dress at Macy's.  It is what it is. My necklace, on the other hand, is from Brittany Chavers Studio.  I love her jewelry and have been looking for a reason to buy one for myself.  The wedding was the perfect reason. Though these are great every day pieces as well! I think I should have ordered the chain a little longer, but that was my bad, not Brittany's.

I considered making Della's dress, but honestly I knew it would be easier to buy one from another Etsy seller.  I ended up going with a custom order from Dress Baby Beautiful that also included some super cute blue bloomers with white ruffles. Can you imagine how cute that was?!

The wedding colors were yellow and gray/silver, so I bought Della a yellow feather headband.  Those flower and ribbon ones are pretty darn cute, but I love that the feather was a bit of a spin off from the hundreds I saw when looking. This one is from Beary Box on Etsy.

I'm bummed because I don't know that we got any pictures of the three of us dressed up.  Brandon was officiating the wedding, and he was the best man, so he was really busy before, during, and after the ceremony.

Everything was beautiful.  The bouquets and boutonnieres, which I don't have pictures of, were handmade from Etsy as well!  There was also a candy table and plenty of tissue pom poms hanging on the ceiling to make it feel like a first class 2010 wedding :)


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