Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Internet Safety 101

As a blogger, I go back and forth about how much of ME do I share on the internet.  I know some bloggers who use names like "Hubby" and "Kid 1 and Kid 2" and never share personal pictures. I also know some who use their family's real names, post pictures like crazy, and treat everyone like their BFF.  I fall somewhere in the middle.

I started my blog not only to show what I have been making but to reach out to the community of those who love handmade items just as much as I do!

I've used our real names and real pictures, but every time I do, there's always a little nagging voice that tells me to be careful.  Unfortunately I can't control my work once it gets published, in spite of my best intentions and even what the current laws are.

Let me be clear that nothing bad has happened, but I am a mom, and I do have to keep my family's safety a first priority.  So for those of you who have been reading the blog for a while I want to spare any confusion.  For the time being, I am going to use my daughter's nickname, Della.  Actually it's the nickname I wanted her to have before she was born, but we never really use it!  This is also part of my ploy to get it to stick before people start calling her Addie.  

As for the photos, we'll see where that goes because I know that the blogs I love to read are the ones where I feel like the author is a friend (usually because they post pictures--not just any pictures but their very own).

I totally appreciate all of my readers and consider you as friends of sorts, so let's keep this going and see what happens with my weirdo fear, mothering instincts, and nagging abilities!


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